Diamond couple celebrate their big day

Albert and Gladys Harris.
Albert and Gladys Harris.

A DIAMOND couple celebrate their wedding anniversary today back in the town where their “heart belongs”.

Albert and Gladys Harris tied the knot at St Hilda’s Church, on Hartlepool’s Headland, 60 years ago today.

Albert and Gladys Harris on their wedding day, September 1 1951.

Albert and Gladys Harris on their wedding day, September 1 1951.

The couple, who have three children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, spent the early part of their marriage in Hartlepool before moving away for work.

But they were back in town today as they celebrated with family members.

Albert and Gladys, both 80, insist there is no secret to such a long and successful marriage, but said they have always been a tight family unit.

Albert, a retired power station worker who also served as an engineer in the Royal Navy, said: “Like any couple we have had our arguments, but I think sometimes in the modern day people tend to give in.

“We have had some absolutely fabulous times together, we have always been extremely close.”

Gladys worked at Richardsons Westgarth and Company in the town, before becoming a manageress at Billingham Bowl and then a shorthand typist for Northumberland Police.

Both retired at around the same time and have since enjoyed a number of luxury holidays including trips to the Caribbean and Australia.

The couple who are parents to David, 59, Ann Oxley, 49 and town Labour councillor Trisha Lawton, currently live in Crawcrook, near Gateshead, but have put their house up for sale as they seek a move back to Hartlepool.

They have enjoyed a series of celebrations to mark the occasion over the last week.

Albert added: “It’s lovely to celebrate with our family and it’s nice to come back to Hartlepool.

“We have always visited regularly, our heart belongs in the town.”