Diamond Geezers to turn pro and will dance with the stars

Final-ly: Rough Diamond: From left, Lewis Cope, Ryan Llewellyn, Ryan Wilson, Jason Lund, Aaron Staunch and Zac Healey.
Final-ly: Rough Diamond: From left, Lewis Cope, Ryan Llewellyn, Ryan Wilson, Jason Lund, Aaron Staunch and Zac Healey.

HARTLEPOOL’S Ruff Diamond crew have signed a professional deal and have eyes on their own headline tour.

The hip-hop kings have been signed up Beautiful Movements, the company led by former Pussycat Doll and Sky One’s Got to Dance judge, Kimberly Wyatt.

The big gigs are already pouring in, with the Mail’s Pride of Hartlepool award winners set to support JLS and Olly Murs at the famous Royal Albert Hall, in London.

But Ruff Diamond have their eyes on even bigger things, mainly their own headline tour and enhancing their growing brand on the back of their fantastic showing on the TV.

“We have had a lot of interest from management companies since Got to Dance,” revealed choreographer and crew member Zac Healey, 21.

“But Kimberly approached us straight after the final, we know what we want to do and where we want to go and she shares that with us.

“She is a brand, she has a lot of contacts in America and we are quite American influenced, we got a lot of our inspiration from the US.”

Ruff Diamond upped their game over and over again as they made it all the way to the final three in the Sky show, eventually just missing out to Lukas McFarlane.

Zac and fellow Diamonds Jason Lund, 19, Aaron Staunch, 19. 18-year-old Ryan Wilson, Ryan Llewellyn and Lewis Cope, both 17, all share the same dream.

They all admit that all they want to do – and all they’ve ever wanted to do – is dance.

And after signing up with Beautiful Movements they will be able to focus on exactly that. Everything else, including plans to go to university, will be on hold as they aim for the top.

Zac added: “On the back of Got to Dance, Kimberly wants to help us build our name, build our brand and build our fanbase.

“In a year’s time we want to be even more in demand than we are now.”

TV appearances, the gig at the Royal Albert Hall and even a performance in Greece are all on the radar of Ruff Diamond in the coming months.

Jason added: “We came off the show and people were asking whether we can do this or do that, and obviously we wanted to do as much as we could.

“But Kimberly knows the industry inside out, she knows exactly what is best for us.

“All we want to do is dance.”

Zac added: “The dream for us is our own headline tour, the likes of Flawless and Diversity have done it and stayed current, we were the most successful street dance crew in this year’s Got to Dance and now we will work towards that.”

Now watch footage of the lads dancing at our Pride awards here