Disney books to get your teeth into

Charlie Fixter (left) and James Brown reading one of the Disney books. Picture by FRANK REID
Charlie Fixter (left) and James Brown reading one of the Disney books. Picture by FRANK REID
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THE Disney characters have touched down in Hartlepool.

It is now just a matter of days until the third book in Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge collection is all yours.

Ahead of the release of The Human Body book, Mail reporter Dominic Shaw took a trip to the University Hospital of Hartlepool to give youngsters the chance to catch an early glance at the title and to get the opinion of the experts.

THE children’s ward at the University Hospital in Hartlepool is full of colour.

Spongebob Squarepants and the Rugrats make their presence known on the widescreen televisions surrounded by wide-eyed youngsters.

Parents join children at the end of their beds playing with toys.

And nurses scurry round helping the youngsters to feel completely at home.

Sitting in the corner bed of one of the rooms is eight-year old James Brown.

James is only in for one day, and has just had eight teeth taken out.

The Jesmond Road Primary School pupil is a keen rugby player who plays for Hartlepool Rovers, and also enjoys his reading.

James, who lives with his mum, Carol in the Dyke House area of Hartlepool, got the chance to look though the Human Body book ahead of the offer this week.

James said: “I like reading about all sorts of topics.

“This book is good to find out about the human body though.

“I have just had my teeth taken out and this book tells me all about teeth and the jobs they do.”

Jenna Horsley, a staff nurse for the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, said children do a lot of reading when they spend time in the hospital.

She said: “If a youngster is ill and is in bed reading is brilliant for them.

“It’s fantastic for them to find out about the human body as well.

“As children get older and they find out more about the human body they begin to learn why we have to do a certain operation and how it is going to help them.

“Children often ask what we are doing things for.”

Jenna said she also thinks it’s important that children learn about their health and a balanced diet.

She added: “Children need to know how they can be healthy and what is good and bad for them.

“It is all part of growing up and understanding the human body.”

Back in the children’s room and five-year old Charlie Fixter is flicking through the Human Body Disney book.

Charlie is only in Hartlepool for the day as he also needs to get some teeth taken out.

But he is one of the lucky children to get a glance at the book before it is released with the Mail next week.

With a smile to light up any room, Charlie, from east Cleveland, said: “I like the look of this book.

“There are lots of colours and pictures as well.

“Mickie is my favourite Disney character and he is in it.”

l REMEMBER to look out for the token in the Hartlepool Mail on Tuesday, which allows you to buy the Human Body book for just £2.99.