Disney delight for disease-fighting Adam thanks to Starlight Children’s Foundation

Adam Butterfield is off to Disneyland thanks to the Starlight Foundation charity
Adam Butterfield is off to Disneyland thanks to the Starlight Foundation charity

A LITTLE boy fighting an extremely rare condition that affects every cell in his body will meet his favourite characters when he embarks on the trip-of-a-lifetime.

Four-year-old Adam Butterfield is set for a trip to Disneyland Paris next month thanks to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

The youngster suffers from chromosome abnormality Emmanuel Syndrome, a condition so rare there are only 200 cases in the world, with just 12 in the UK.

Doctors had told his parents Nicola McAllister, 37, and John Butterfield, 40, that Adam could suffer a string of health conditions including heart seizures, kidney failure, asphyxiation, and an inability to walk.

But for a few days, the family look to be visiting new shores thanks to the three-day holiday, which will also see the youngster flying on a plane for the first time.

Former Stockton Borough Council worker Nicola, from the Acre Rigg area of Peterlee, said: “He is looking forward to it.

“We don’t know how much he understands about it, but once he gets there, I think he will just be goggle-eyed at them all – he really loves Disney and Mickey Mouse, he will be really impressed.”

Adam had an operation earlier in the year that his parents hope will help him be able to walk.

It involved surgeons rotating his hip and putting the lower half of his body in plaster.

After the plaster was removed, Adam had to have botox injections in his legs as the muscles in his thighs had shortened so he couldn’t stretch his legs.

It was during his stay, at James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough, where staff asked if Nicola would mind if Adam was recommended for a treat from the Starlight foundation.

Days later, she received a letter asking what Adam would like, and Nicola said her son loves all things Disney.

Now the trip is booked and the family are set for their trip-of-a-lifetime.

“I’m just hoping Adam won’t be too overwhelmed by flying for the first time and seeing these big characters,” said Nicola.

“But I think he will love it, it’s opening up a whole new world for him.”

Nicola received a boost this week when, during a physiotherapist’s visit, Adam was able to stand unaided for 20 minutes, near furniture for support.

Before his operation he had only been able to manage 30 seconds.