Disney giveaway countdown begins...

THE Mail is giving readers the chance to get their hands on an amazing Disney book collection - and the first book is absolutely free.

The Wonderful World of Knowledge encyclopaedia is a magical collection of 24 Disney books not available to buy in the shops.

This exclusive offer available in the coming months, gives youngsters the chance to read and learn all about subjects including The Wonders of the Sea, The Human Body, Space, Great Travellers and Explorers and many more.

Readers can collect a token every week, printed in the Hartlepool Mail, which can then be exchanged for a book for just £2.99.

Even better, the first book in the magical series, Dinosaurs, is to be given out absolutely free with every copy of the Mail on Tuesday, March 15.

Readers can then exchange their tokens for the next book in the series, which is released every week, at a host of retailers and outlets in Hartlepool.

Erin and Connor Smurthwaite get a sneak preview of the collection

Erin and Connor Smurthwaite get a sneak preview of the collection

Join us in the big countdown to the giveaway which begins today.

The 48-page action-packed books feature all of your favourite Disney characters.

Full to the brim with eye-catching pictures, young children will be fascinated.

Over the coming weeks the beautifully illustrated colourful books will feature in the Mail alongside some fun Disney quizzes, book reviews and excited youngsters getting their first glance at the collection.