Disputed match is to be replayed

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A FOOTBALL match is to be replayed amid allegations one side played part of the game with 12 men on the pitch.

Sunday league team Horden Comrades were found to have 12 players on the pitch when both sides lined up at the start of the second half.

Their opponents Peterlee Central Club suspected they had played with the extra man during the first half.

But Horden Comrades strongly denied the allegation and insist it was a substitution mix-up made during half time.

The referee noticed the discrepancy when he counted all the players as they prepared to kick off before the second half.

After a monthly league managers’ meeting this week it was agreed to play the game again, which Horden won 3-2, again.

Bob Anderson, secretary of the Peterlee and District Sunday League, said: “It’s something I have never come across.

“It was claimed one of the lads from Horden had allegedly come late and just came on to the pitch in the first half.

“Horden insisted it was a substitution made at half time and forgot to tell the player to go off.

“The referee couldn’t confirm one way or another so there was no positive proof.

“We got both clubs to agree to play the game again. I think that’s the fairest way.”

Philip Andrews, secretary and manager of Peterlee Central Club, said: “Looking back we were getting over-run in midfield and just thought they were pushing one up from defence.

“Everyone realised at half time they were playing with 12 men.

“Our captain counted 12 just before the start of the second half.”

He added: “We didn’t want the three points or Horden Comrades to get fined because they are a new team.

“All we wanted was a rematch.”

Craig Griffiths, manager of Horden Comrades, said: “All that happened is when we lined up again for the second half one of the players didn’t hear he was coming off so we had 12 on the pitch before we kicked off for the second half.”

Horden Comrades and Peterlee Central Club play in Division Two of the Peterlee and District Sunday League.

A date for the replay has not been arranged yet.