Dog is lost down hole

FIREFIGHTERS were called to help rescue a dog which disappeared down a rabbit hole.

Sadly, fire crew members could not help and the matter was referred to the RSPCA.

A crew from Peterlee Fire Station was called to the area near the stables at Crimdon Dene around 11am yesterday.

An elderly man, believed to be from Horden, told firefighters his year-old Patterdale terrier had gone missing down a rabbit hole.

Despite attempts by firefighters to find the dog, using thermal imaging cameras down the holes and by calling it by name, the rescue was abandoned an-hour-and-a-half later after the pet failed to show.

A station spokesman said: “The dog had gone in the hole and the gentleman said he didn’t know whether it was still trapped or not.

“There was a range of rabbit warren holes and it could have been anywhere or it could have got out.

“We were limited as to what we could do with our equipment so sadly we eventually had to leave.”