Dog mess appeal

A COUNCILLOR is urging dog walkers to clean up after their pets after a rise in complaints on the Fens estate.

Residents have complained about dog mess being left on the streets to Fens councillor Steve Gibbon at recent ward surgeries on the estate.

Welland Road has been highlighted as a dog mess hotspot, although residents in the street are not being blamed.

It is thought dog walkers who regularly use the road are to blame.

Coun Gibbon said: “It was raised at the recent surgery and somebody contacted me at the Fens Monday Club. I’ve also had a few complaints from people in Welland Road itself.

“There’s a lot of good dog owners who do pick up, it’s just the minority who are doing it.

“I would appeal to people that if they do see someone to report it anonymously to the council.”

Coun Gibbon said he does not believe there is a shortage of dog waste bins on the Fens estate.

He said the bins are emptied at least once a week by the council.

Coun Gibbon added: “Sometimes people do pick it up but then just drop it in the street

“The Fens area does have a large amount of dog bins. I think it has some of the most in the town because we have requested them in the past.

“If children come into contact with it they can catch eye disease so there is a health issue as well.”

Nearby Greatham village launched an awareness campaign after a similar problem a couple of years ago.

Pupils from Greatham Primary School designed posters as part of a competition to drive home the message.

Owners who do not clear up after their dogs also risk a court appearance and fine.

Anyone with information about irresponsible dog owners can report it to Hartlepool Borough Council on (01429) 523333.