Dog rescued from rocks

Lynne Jorgeson with the German Shepherd
Lynne Jorgeson with the German Shepherd
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A DOG-LOVER is searching for the owner of a pet she rescued from choppy seas.

Lynne Jorgeson, 47, was at home when she was told by a neighbour that a frantic looking German Shepherd was on the rocks near the Steetley site.

She went out to investigate and with the help of her son, Michael, 29, and her own German Shepherd, Jess, they clambered over the rocks and managed to save the panic-stricken animal.

Livesaver, Lynne, who lives in St Hilda Street, on the Headland, with husband, Michael, 49, and her other son, Carl 27, said: “My husband, Michael, had seen a dog running round on its own on the morning which seemed odd.

“But when we went out we couldn’t see it.

“When I got told there was a dog out at sea and there wasn’t an owner in sight I thought it must have been the one Michael had seen on the morning.”

Lynne who works as a personal assistant and a karate instructor and is also a coastguard, added: “She was quite far out to sea when we first got out.

“And you could tell she was distressed.

“We climbed over the rocks and we got Jess to start barking and luckily we managed to get to the dog and it didn’t try to get away.”

After getting the dog back to dry land, Lynne took the pet to the vets to try and trace the owner.

Despite the dog being chipped, the address of the owner in Darlington is no longer correct, so Lynne is still caring for the pet at home.

“She is a lovely dog, so friendly and mild mannered.” said Lynne.

“I would be happy to keep her at home, she is getting on very well with Jess.

“But I realise the best thing for her is to go back to her owner.

“It seems odd that nobody has been in touch at all though.

“I have spoken to a lot of people and told them what’s happened but I haven’t heard anything about anyone who has a dog missing.

“We have been watching out for people who look like they are out looking for her but so far haven’t seen anything.”

Anyone with any information about the owner should call (07926) 061871.