Dog savages beloved pet on Hartlepool estate

Nigel Newbury pictured with the faily dog 'Tighe' that was savaged by another dog.
Nigel Newbury pictured with the faily dog 'Tighe' that was savaged by another dog.

A LOOSE dog went on the rampage on a Hartlepool housing estate, leaving another dog needing surgery costing £1,300 and 83 staples in his back leg.

Lindsey Newbury said her children had taken their three-year-old pet dog Tigh on a walk along the beck, near to Newark Road, on the Fens Estate, when the Staffordshire Bull Terrier struck.

The animal lunged at Tigh and ripped a flap of skin off his back leg, leaving him yelping in agony.

The 39-year-old rang the police to report the incident and they confirmed that a dog matching the same appearance had also attacked another dog, tearing it’s ear.

Today Lindsey, of Kesteven Road, Hartlepool, called for other pet owners to ensure their dogs are not left roaming the streets to prevent this from happening again.

And her plea comes after a string of attacks on pets by loose dogs in the town, including cats Monty and Max who were killed in separate attacks by lurcher-type dogs in the Welldeck Road area.

The mum-of-three said: “Everybody is just devastated. The kids are just mortified. Tigh’s our baby, he’s like our life.

“He goes for a walk on his lead every single day, he’s a lovely pet and is so lovely natured and for this to happen to him is just awful.”

She added: “It makes me mad to think of the owners of this Staffy just sat at home letting their dog roam around not knowing what destruction it is causing.”

Lindsey said after Tigh had been attacked, at around 7.30pm on Sunday, a nearby resident kindly brought the black and white whippet-cross dog and her children home.

The family took the dog to the emergency vets in Middlesbrough where he was operated on and had to have 83 staples put into his leg, before being kept in the surgery overnight.

The vet bill is up to £1,300 so far, but is due to rise further as Tigh needs to have drains put into the wound, and another operation to have staples removed.

Lindsey, a social care officer who is married to Nigel Newbury, said: “There was just a flap of skin hanging off him and it was a complete mess underneath. Fortunately we’re insured but we still have to fork out the money in the first place.

“I just want other owners to be aware, especially when you’re letting your children take pets out for walks.”

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said: “A woman called on Sunday to report that a Staffordshire Bull Terrier was on the loose and had attacked her dog.

“There was another report from a man in the same area whose dog had been attacked on the same night.

“Officers have been made aware of the reports and may link in with Hartlepool Borough Council dog wardens if this becomes an issue.”