Dog section sergeant completes 160-mile marathon for Cancer Research

Sergeant Shelli Gordon.
Sergeant Shelli Gordon.

An officer swapped her police boots for trainers when she completed a 160-mile run for charity at the weekend.

Sergeant Shelli Gordon has previously raised thousands of pounds by running for charity, and intends to compete in several runs and walks for Cancer Research later in the year.

Cross-training with a bit of juggling is key to my preparation.

Sergeant Shelli Gordon

Her latest mission was to complete a 160-mile run, which she did at the weekend, and saw her rake in another £255.

Sergeant Gordon said: “A number of people close to me, aswell as friends’ families, have recently suffered from various types of cancer, and over the past few years I have wanted to be able to contribute towards preventing all different types of the disease.

“I love to run as it gives me time to think in peace in the countryside and I love the adrenalin.”

The 37-year-old works as a Dog Section Sergeant within the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, covering Hartlepool and other towns in the area.

Over a number of years she has raised between three and four thousand pounds and is expecting to raise another £1,000 for the charity when she takes on her next set of challenges.

Towards the end of this month, Shelli has a 160-mile run planned for Hardmoors, then a 42-mile walk, followed by a 42-mile run in the Lyke Wake Walk in June and July.

There is also a staggering 192-mile coast to coast run along with two colleagues from Cleveland Police, and in mid-August Shelli has scheduled in a 60-mile run, known as the Ultra Tour of the Peaks.

Shelli’s aims are to race this year’s 160-mile Hardmoors in less than 40 hours and to run the coast to coast in 48 hours straight.

Shelli prepares for each race alongside her full-time job and looking after her family.

She added: “Cross-training with a bit of juggling is key to my preparation. I run alongside my daughter on her pony, out with my dogs, including police dog Bracken, and run lots of races aswell.”

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