Don’t be a satnav sucker

POLICE are warning motorists to protect their belongings after a spate of car crime.

Thieves are targeting vehicles where satnav equipment has been left on display, with three stolen in Hartlepool since last weekend.

PC Steve Davies, a crime prevention officer for Hartlepool Police, said: “Would-be thieves will also look for tell tale signs of sucker marks left on the windscreen of cars and break into the vehicle and steal systems left in glove compartments.

“Even if the equipment is removed from the vehicle when not used, thieves are more likely to target any vehicle that has sucker marks or the suction mounting left visible on show.

“It is important to not to leave satnav equipment on view in vehicles or leave any tell tale signs of such equipment to prevent these crimes occurring.”

Hartlepool Crime Prevention Panel are selling police accredited mats that can be used to sit satnavs on to prevent the sucker marks.

They are available from Atkinson Print, in Church Street, for £20.

For more information ring PC Davies on (01642) 302579.