Don’t drink and fry while watching the World Cup

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FIRE chiefs are urging football fans who will be enjoying a drink while watching the World Cup to be aware of the risks of a blaze.

People are being warned to avoid cooking after drinking alcohol while watching the action, with all of the World Cup games kicking off at night or in the early hours.

Steve McCarten, Cleveland Fire Brigade’s district manager, said: “Last year almost 50% of accidental house fires started in the kitchen across Cleveland, the main causes being leaving cooking unattended, chip pans and grill pans.

“The risk of fire is greatly increased when large quantities of alcohol are consumed.

“It only takes one act of carelessness when cooking to result in losing your home, your possessions or ultimately your life.”

Firefighters are telling residents “don’t drink and fry” and to order a takeaway instead of cooking after having a drink.

Cleveland Fire Brigade’s plea is echoed by JUST EAT, the world’s largest online marketplace for ordering takeaways online, who are helping to promote the safety message to football fans to help reduce the risk of fire.

Graham Corfield, JUST EAT’s managing director, said: “We’re in full support of this campaign and would encourage everyone to stay safe when staying up watching the football, whether they are drinking alcohol or not. If getting merry is going to be a big part of the night, ordering a takeaway beforehand will line the stomach, while ordering on the way home could save your life.

“There are thousands of local takeaway restaurants available through JUST EAT, so you’re free to enjoy the night without risking anyone’s safety.”