Donation boost for Talia

Jacqui Gettings of Epiepsy Outlook(left) pictured with Talia and her mum Clair and the new chair.
Jacqui Gettings of Epiepsy Outlook(left) pictured with Talia and her mum Clair and the new chair.

BATTLING Talia Foster has a brand new specialist chair thanks to the generous donation of a Hartlepool charity.

The brave four-year-old spends a lot of time in her Tumble Form chair, a mobile seat which allows her to relax without keeping her in one position so she can interact with others.

After the chair broke, Talia’s mum, Clair, 38, got in touch with Epilepsy Outlook to see how she can go about ordering an other.

But generous bosses at the charity stepped in and said they would buy and donate one of the chairs, which costs around £500.

Clair, who lives in the Owton Manor area of town with husband, Brendan, 37, and their other two children, Callum, 17, and Gabrielle, eight, said: “Talia is over the moon to have a new chair and so are we.

“I phoned the charity just to ask where we get it from, I couldn’t believe it when they told us they would donate one to us, it’s so kind of them.

“The chair is so useful and it’s portable as well so we can take it wherever we go.

“It’s really so when she’s in the room she can sit in the chair on the floor and interact with others instead of being in a chair which keeps her in one position.

“If we visit relatives or friends we take it with us and when we go to Milton Keynes for treatment for Talia we can take it there as well.”

Talia, who is a pupil at Grange Primary School and Springwell Primary School, both in Hartlepool, has suffered various health problems in her short life.

She has tackled epilepsy, brain cysts and respiratory problems and until last year was unable to sit up unaided and suffered hundreds of seizures every single day.

She now has just one or two small daily seizures and incredibly managed to walk a few steps with the help of physiotherapists last year.

Her vision also improved and Talia developed peripheral vision, which she had never had before.

Clair is hoping Talia continues to develop and get stronger this year, which will be made a lot easier by her specialist chair and other equipment in her sensory bedroom.

“Equipment such as this chair makes things so much easier for Talia,” added Clair.

“I always say we have been absolutely amazed by the response we have had and the support Talia gets and this donation from Epilepsy Outlook is another demonstration of that.”