Doorman jailed after club attack victim left brain damaged

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A doorman who left a club customer with life-threatening brain injuries after a street attack has been jailed for more than three years.

Nicholas Farrer chased after Christopher Black after ejecting him from the Victory Club in Easington Colliery, a court heard.

Durham Crown Court

Durham Crown Court

Club licensee Robert Davison was given a suspended prison term for helping Farrer track down Mr Black.

Prosecutor Joanne Kidd told Durham Crown Court the club was paying Farrer £200 a month as a retainer for ‘security services’.

“It is accepted Mr Black had been drinking, and it was the perception of the bar staff he was being unruly and making a nuisance of himself to other customers,” said Ms Kidd. “He was asked to leave and did so, but returned later that evening.

“Davison called Farrer who, when he arrived, escorted Mr Black outside.

“Details of the conversation they had are not clear, but it is clear Mr Black ran off and Farrer gave chase.”

The court heard Davison was recorded on CCTV driving his car around Easington Colliery, occasionally stopping to talk to Farrer.

“Mr Black was found by Farrer in a yard,” added Ms Kidd. “He punched him to the ground, then kicked him several times as he lay there, mostly to the head.

“A pathologist later described the resulting brain injury as life-threatening.”

The court heard factory worker Mr Black, 28, spent two months in hospital, and had to be transferred from Sunderland to a specialist unit in Leicester after complications set in.

Ms Kidd added: “When he awoke in hospital he thought he had fallen off a cliff in a foreign country.

“Mr Black still has problems with his memory, and doesn’t know if he will ever fully recover.”

Farrer, 40, of Brunswick Drive, East Shore Village, Seaham, admitted unlawful wounding on January 3.

Davison, 31, of School Street, Easington, admitted assisting an offender on the same date.

Graham O’Sullivan, for Farrer, said: “He is sorry for what he did that night, and wishes to apologise to Mr Black.”

Laurie Scott, for Davison, said he hoped to put the case behind him by starting a new life with his partner in Manchester.

Judge Christopher Prince jailed Farrer for 37 months.

Davison was given eight months, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 130 hours of community work.