Doors open for 'innovative' hospice charity shop

HARTLEPOOL Mayor Stuart Drummond hailed an "innovative" new charity shop as it swung open its doors to the public.

Shoppers can browse in style at En'core, the brand new charity shop raising money for Hartlepool and District Hospice.

The new boutique, in York Road, Hartlepool, offers only designer or new clothes as well as jewellery and a second floor dedicated purely to furniture.

Mayor Drummond declared the shop officially open yesterday and said he thinks the new shop is a fantastic way to raise funds for the cause.

He said: "I'm extremely impressed with the new shop.

"Not only does it look fantastic, but the clothes and garments it stocks look top-class as well, and cheap.

"We aren't over-run with clothes shops in Hartlepool and this new shop is in a prominent position in the town centre.

"It's an innovative new idea and hopefully it will get a really good response, I'm confident it will prove very popular."

En'core will be managed by Karen Witherley and Julie Hildreth.

Karen said: "The response has already been great.

"We opened the doors at 9am on Monday and there was a queue of people waiting to come in, we didn't expect that at all.

"Obviously the support from the public is vital, so if we carry on getting a response like that, En'core will have a bright future."

Tracy Woodall, chief executive at Hartlepool Hospice, was at the opening yesterday and said she was overjoyed with the new shop.

"I'm absolutely delighted." she said.

"Julie and Karen have put so much hard work into this, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

"We wanted to offer a charity shop which is a little bit different and I am so proud of what we have done here.

"It's in a fantastic position and we have already had some wonderful donations.

"The clothes on sale are all either designer or brand new.

"I saw a pair of Karen Millen shoes for sale in the shop for 50, which usually sell for nearly 200, where else could you get that?

"Obviously the money raised through fundraising events and our charity shops are absolutely vital to the hospice.

"So hopefully En'core will become our flagship shop and prove extremely popular."