Doting dad waits for heart scans

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A YOUNG dad is nervously waiting for the final results of health tests after suffering a string of heart scares.

Young sweethearts Kimberley Young and Lewis Light, both 21, are the latest entrants in this year’s Bride of the Year competition.

Kimberley is a nursery nurse, while her fiancé studies aerospace engineering at Kingston University.

But Kimberley admitted: “It is really worrying.”

She described how Lewis, dad of the couple’s one-year-old daughter Freya, had suffered for months with dizzy spells and with a slow heart rate.

“We are still awaiting results. He has been on a heart monitor machine and had various appointments with doctors and heart specialists.

“Now, he is waiting for his final heart scan as he keeps getting really dizzy spells and doctors have said his heart rate is unusually slow, particularly on a evening.

“He is a great dad who works so hard to support us and I know it is so difficult for him having that worry as well.

“It does not help with all the pressure he is under at university.”

Kimberley is hoping fortunes change for the better – and that it will include the couple winning the Bride of the Year competition run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography.

She said: “We both know we are still very young but dream of getting married soon as we know we will be together forever and are true childhood swearthearts.”

The couple have been together since they were both 12 years old and have happy memories of those early days.

“Whilst growing up, I lived in my family home in Ashley Gardens and the loft conversion was my bedroom,” said Kimberley.

“In the eaves of the loft was a memory wall which Lewis and I created from the age of 12 going right through to the age of 16.

“As I reached 16, we moved house to the Bishop Cuthbert area and me and Lewis split up. We both went our separate ways studying in college.

“And then a year and a half later we started talking again and realised how much we missed and loved each other and got back together.”

Two years later, Kimberley “fell pregnant with our beautiful daughter” and they started to look for a place to live.

“Then one special house came on to the market which was the house where I grew up,” said Kimberley.

“We entered the loft and looked into the eaves and there was our memory wall, still there with our love notes on.”

Kimberley’s parents, who were property developers, bought the house and renovated it so the couple could rent it from them.

Kimberley said: “We now live in our little house of dreams with our beautiful daughter Freya, who is two in August.”

The couple became engaged last year and Kimberley admitted: “Ever since, we have talked about our wedding but we could not possibly afford it, even though we both work very hard.

“We would love to be picked to win the Bride of the Year competition.”