Dozens volunteer to leave NHS jobs

DOZENS of hospital workers have taken up the offer of voluntary redundancy in a move which will save £1.2m.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust’s voluntary severance scheme has seen 38 members of staff accept redundancy.

The scheme was launched in November last year by the trust, which runs the University Hospital of Hartlepool, and 134 applications were received from staff members.

The trust, which also runs the University Hospital of North Tees in Stockton, needs to save £13.5m in this financial year.

The initiative, which gave staff the chance to receive payments to leave their jobs, was outlined to 5,500 workers in a letter from trust chief executive Alan Foster.

Trust bosses, who say they need to save money while continuing to provide high quality care for patients, hope to avoid making compulsory redundancies.

The voluntary severance scheme has saved £1.2m on the wage bill.

Clare Curran, director of human resources and organisational development, said: “We are entering a period where we know resources will be limited and that, if we did nothing, we would be at risk of going into deficit.

“However, we have had to balance the need to save money against the need to continue providing high quality and safe care for patients and it was this that was at the front of our minds as we went through the process.

“This scheme provided staff with an opportunity for them to make decisions about their futures and whether they would like to leave the trust, which is a much better position than having the organisation decide.

“We do want to try and avoid compulsory redundancies.”