Drifter smashed windows of pub

A DRIFTER who was beaten up after being thrown out of a pub for vomiting all over it went on to smash three of its windows.

Michael Ciraki had been drinking in The Ship Inn, in Middlegate, on Hartlepool’s Headland, when he started being sick.

The 50-year-old was asked to leave the pub and after he made his way outside he was attacked and left with facial injuries.

As a result of the beating, Ciraki decided to shatter three of the establishment’s windows, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court was told.

Prosecuting, Kate Hills said: “This offence occurred on Friday evening when this gentleman had been drinking in The Ship Inn.

“It was about 10.20pm when police were called to the public house by the owner, a Mr Hay, who said this man had been a customer, had been drinking excessively, started vomiting in the premises and so was ejected.

“When he was outside he got assaulted and got angry and punched three window panes, breaking them.”

She added: “When he was arrested he said he had been drinking in The Ship Inn and was asked to leave because he had been sick everywhere, and when he went outside he was assaulted by someone.

“He said he’d punched the windows of the public house out and agreed that he didn’t have any right to do that.”

Ciraki, who hails from Manchester but has lived in Newcastle, Sunderland, Scarborough and now in a hostel in Whitby Street, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to criminal damage on January 25.

Mitigating, Barry Gray told justices: “His background is that he’s drifted around the country basically moving from one place to another.

“He gets fixed up in hostels in one form or another and then he moves on as various forces take control of his life.

“He came to Hartlepool and until the weekend he was living in the hostel in Whitby Street.

“They gave him a place to stay, but this may no longer be available to him because of this.

“I suggest perhaps that he is one of life’s victims and this is often why he has to move on because he’s ostracised and victimised. He is more to be pitied than pilloried.”

He added: “He has been in The Ship Inn on previous occasions and he was ejected on this particular night not early enough, it seems.”

Chairman of the bench Nigel Guerin said due to him being held in custody since Friday night he would be sentenced to a 12-month conditional discharge, and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

He did not award any compensation for the broken windows due to Ciraki’s lack of cash.