Drinkers urged to join Dryathlon and ditch the booze in September

Drinkers are being challenged to give up the booze in September - and donate the money they save to Cancer Research UK.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 12:38 pm
Updated Monday, 25th July 2016, 1:44 pm
Drinkers are being urged to join Dryathlon in aid of Cancer Research UK.
Drinkers are being urged to join Dryathlon in aid of Cancer Research UK.

The charity is launching Dryathlon in September, a fundraising campaign which invites social drinkers to take a month-long break from alcohol.

Dryathletes pledge to stay dry for a month and either get sponsored or donate the money they would have spent on alcohol to the charity.

Last year, 2,530 people took part in Dryathlon across the North East, raising £156,733 to help beat cancer sooner.

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Lisa Millett, Cancer Research UK spokesperson for the North East, said: “After a summer of boozy holidays or ‘one too many’ at weddings, Dryathlon is the perfect opportunity for everyone to kick-start a new season, by going booze-free for September.

“We’re encouraging men and women to say ‘cheers’ to the challenge and become a ‘Dryathlete’ for Cancer Research UK.

“As well as raising vital funds to help save more lives, people might be surprised to realise the added benefits of ditching the drink for one month.

“Most people probably don’t think about the calorie content of their favourite tipple, but with a large glass of red wine containing around 180 calories, a few drinks can really start to add up.

“By steering clear of beer and waving goodbye to wine, Dryathletes could look forward to feeling better, slimmer and more energised by taking on the one-month challenge.

“And the good news is, the benefits don’t have to stop when Dryathlon does – by drinking less, over time people can make a real difference to their long-term health.”

Supporters can register to take part in Dryathlon as individuals or set up a team by getting their friends, colleagues or relatives involved to motivate one another along the way.

For those who think the challenge sounds a bit too daunting, or who plan to raise a toast at a wedding or party, there’s a special ‘tipple tax’.

So if a Dryathlete falls off the wagon one evening, they can donate a £20 penalty.

Lisa added: “Whatever the motivation for taking part, now’s the time to sign up and banish the booze this September.

“And despite what people might think - going dry doesn’t have to be dull. We’re asking people to give up the sauce, not their social life, and there are plenty of fun ways to enjoy 30 hangover-free days.

“Money raised by our Dryathlete heroes will help fund life-saving research.”

To take on Dryathlon in September, visit www.dryathlon.org10 reasons to take on Dryathlon this September

By getting sponsored to stay off the sauce in September, North East men and women could see some additional benefits. By cutting out alcohol for a month people might:

1. Feel more energised and alert.

2. Sleep better at night and even snore less.

3. Lose weight and feel less bloated.

4. Feel a sense of achievement by taking on a new personal challenge.

5. Gain a fresh outlook on your alcohol consumption.

6. Have pride in raising vital funds to help save more lives.

7. Experience clearer, less moisture stripped skin.

8. Enjoy a night out on the town without any red-faced regrets the morning after.

9. Try a new class or hobby instead of spending weekends nursing a hang-over.

10. Eat more healthily, instead of heading for a takeaway after one too many.