Driver ‘had no option’ but to help crash family

A VAN driver who rescued a family from the wreckage of their petrol-leaking car says he “had no option” but to help.

Dad-of-two Ian Shingler was driving behind a Renault Megane when it span off the A19 and smashed into a lamp-post.

Without hesitating, the 37-year-old stopped and pulled six-month-old twins, a five-year-old girl and their two parents free of the car and to safety.

Mr Shingler, who risked his own safety as petrol leaked out of the car, said: “I have a family as well so there was no option but to stop and help.

“I can only hope that if anything like this happened to my family there would be someone there to help.”

The Mail reported yesterday how firefighters were amazed by Mr Shingler’s bravery in saving the Hartlepool family during the incident at 5pm on Wednesday.

He had been on his was home from a plumbing job in Newcastle when the crash happened near the southbound Peterlee turn-off.

Mr Shingler, who lives in Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, with wife Sarah, 30, said: “The car must have been doing 70mph when it span off the road. It flipped straight on to its roof.

“I managed to pull a door open with my hands and I thought the worst when I saw the babies. One of them was just hanging there in silence but when I undid the buckle the baby cried. It was a great relief to hear that.

“It all happened really quickly. There was petrol coming through the car and I was scared of it catching fire but thankfully everyone was okay.”

Mr Shingler stayed as emergency services arrived and then unassumingly made his way home to see his children, Megan, two, and Lucy, five.

He added: “I was a little out of sorts when I got back and I was thinking about what it would be like if it was my wife and kids.

“I hope they all make good recoveries.”

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