Driver is furious after hit and run in Hartlepool

Judith Kennedy pictured with her damaged Peugeot 306 car.
Judith Kennedy pictured with her damaged Peugeot 306 car.

A DRIVER has been left distraught after her parked car was wrecked by a driver who caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage before fleeing.

Judith Kennedy’s Peugeot 306 was parked outside her house in a quiet Hartlepool street when the unknown driver reversed at speed into it.

Mrs Kennedy heard the crash and looked outside just in time to see the culprit drive away without stopping to apologise or give her their insurance details.

She now fears her car will have to be written off and is unable to work without it.

The smash happened at around 8.30pm on Saturday in Formby Close.

Mrs Kennedy, who works as a dance and fitness teacher, said: “My car was parked outside my own house and I was sitting in the living room when I heard a bang.

“All I could see was a dark blue hatchback car leaving the close. They just drove off.

“My car has been totally trashed at the back. For a car to be reversing at that speed is absolutely mad.

“I’m just glad there was no children or anybody around at the time or anyone in the car.”

Police told Mrs Kennedy they are unable to do anything without the registration of the car responsible.

Her insurance only covers third party fire and theft and she will have to fork out if the driver is not found.

Mrs Kennedy, a mum of three and grandmother of eight, added: “I desperately need a car for my work to take all my equipment around with me.

“I really can’t do without one.”