Driver’s speeding warning

Stephen Wright pictured with his speeding fine.
Stephen Wright pictured with his speeding fine.

AN angry motorist is warning other drivers to be aware of a busy road’s speed limit after unwittingly speeding.

Stephen Wright was snapped doing just over 40mph on Easington Road, Hartlepool, not knowing the legal limit is actually 30.

The dual carriageway road switches from 40mph to 30mph upon entering the town.

But Stephen, 47, hit out because there are no 30mph road signs on the stretch of road between the roundabout at the junction of Throston Grange Lane and Powlett Road.

Hartlepool Borough Council, responsible for highways in the town, said it is not possible to put repeater speed limit signs along that stretch of road.

Stephen said: “I think people should know about this speed limit. I understood it was 40mph like it is heading towards the colleries but apparently it is 30.

“There are no signs saying. It is still the same dual carriageway so I automatically assumed it was still 40mph.

“If they haven’t got any signs how can they justify fining people? They are collecting as much money as they can catching everyone speeding.”

Police have written to Stephen, a university kitchen porter, informing him of their intention to prosecute him after being seen speeding in his Nissan Xtrail on Saturday, November 24.

He rang police afterwards but says he was told the distance between the lamposts indicate the road is 30mph.

Maried Stephen, of the Throston Grange Lane area, added: “It was 25 years since I last looked at the Highway Code when I took my test.

“How many people know about that?”

A council spokesman said: “The speed limit on Easington Road reduces from 40mph to 30mph just north of the hospital roundabout and there are signs informing drivers of this.

“The law states that 30mph repeater signs cannot be used, but the Highway Code does tell us that where streetlights are present we should assume that the speed limit

is 30mph, unless signs tell us otherwise.”