Drivers delayed in A19 drama

MOTORISTS from Hartlepool got caught up in an incident on the A19 when there were fears for the safety of a woman perched on a viaduct.

Police were called to the drama which happened just before 3pm yesterday near the turn-off for Crathorne.

Traffic on the A19 was delayed for almost four hours after police tried to coax the woman down.

A 30-year-old HGV driver from Hartlepool was among those affected and witnessed the incident unfold.

He said: “I was there from 3pm till 6.50pm.

”After two hours they turned all the cars and vans round and got them to go down the northbound carriageway the wrong way so they could come off at the last junction they passed but they wouldn’t let us reverse back in the wagons.

“She was sitting on the underpass of the bridge so the negotiator couldn’t get down to her either.”

The woman was eventually pulled to safety using a rope.