Drivers sticking to limit

POLICE have declared themselves happy after a community speed watch scheme saw drivers taking care near a school.

As reported in Friday’s Mail, youngsters at St Peter’s Elwick C of E School joined police by the side of the village’s main road on the outskirts of Hartlepool.

They were taking part in a speed watch scheme that sees a speed detection device, which flashes up a smiley face if a vehicle is travelling under the speed limit and a sad face if they are going too fast, positioned by the side of Elwick village green.

A similar scheme carried out earlier this month saw just six out of 105 cars passing the device in a 90-minute period going over the speed limit, and not a fifth of motorists disobeying the limit as printed in a previous article.

In the latest survey, figures showed not a single vehicle was going over the limit and the average speed clocked was just 21mph.

A spokesman for Cleveland Police said: “It was encouraging to see drivers travelling below the speed limits, and we would hope that will continue even when the speed watch scheme is not in operation.

“We hope to be able to roll out the scheme in other areas in the weeks ahead.”