Drivers to have easier ride after £1million programme to improve Hartlepool’s roads

The A689/ Greatham Village junction at Sappers Corner.  Picture by FRANK REID
The A689/ Greatham Village junction at Sappers Corner. Picture by FRANK REID

A £1million programme of road improvement works across Hartlepool have been agreed by councillors.

A total of 33 roads all over the town will be repaired or resurfaced over the next year.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee approved the works as part of as wider improvement programme for the next five years.

Major roads such as the A689, A179 Hart Bank to individual residential streets are all pencilled in for attention.

Alastair Smith, assistant director (neighbourhoods) said: “The highway network is constantly under threat from damage caused by increases in the volume of traffic, greater vehicle weights, the weather and the disturbance of the structure of the road through the digging of utility trenches.

“The key to managing and maintaining the highway network successfully is to monitor the condition and at the best time apply the most cost effective treatment to maximise the life of the road.

“The council achieve this through both planned and reactive maintenance based on an assessment of need and making use of the latest available processes and techniques.”

Scanner vehicles and inspections are used to keep track of the condition of the town’s road network and give a rating on how good or bad it is.

This year the council has also used video surveys provided by an independent company to develop maintenance plans.

Requests received from members of the public and councillors through neighbourhood forums or raised directly with officers have also been considered.

The roads and footways included in the programme of works are based on those that are in most urgent need of repair.

But the council says the priorities may change if particular roads deteriorate more quickly than expected.

A total pot of £1,086,000 has been allocated from the Local Transport Plan budget for the first annual batch of works but a report stated there may be money left over for additional works.

Other areas included in the first year of works include Burn Road between MainsforthTerrace and Tesco, Oxford Road roundabout, sections of King Oswy Drive and The Parade. No dates for the works have been given yet.

Mr Smith added: “Reconstruction works have been identified where other processes are not appropriate, and will be carried out in the interests of highway safety.

“Generally, however, other treatments such as resurfacing and surface dressing, which are cost effective but have a shorter term impact than full construction, are utilised.”