Drivers urged to take more care after injury figures revealed

Andrew Allison, Paul Watson and Inspector Mick Jackson.
Andrew Allison, Paul Watson and Inspector Mick Jackson.

Road safety experts are urging drivers and pedestrians to look out for each other after revealing the number of injuries in the last five years.

Figures from Road Safety GB North East showed that there were 1,000 injuries in Hartlepool from December 2010 to November 2015.

Of those, seven were fatal, 131 were serious and 862 were slight.

During the same time, there were 7,410 injuries in County Durham, which had the highest number in the region.

Of the injuries, 112 were fatal, 875 were serious and 6,423 were slight.

The group is being supported by the region’s 12 local authorities, police forces, fire crews and Police and Crime Commissioners, as it unveils a series of targeted campaigns during the next two years.

Their aim is to ultimately reduce the number of collisions on the roads, as well as casualties, and to educate and inform on road safety.

Road Safety GB North East chairman Paul Watson said: “You may be the greatest driver in the world, with a terrific safety record, but you could still be involved in a serious collision due to a mistake by someone else.

“Accident figures never make good reading.

“We are urging everyone to take extra care when on the roads, and to make sure you act safely.

“Crucially, we want everyone to anticipate other people’s poor judgment.

“We want people to look out for each other. It could prevent a collision.”

Of the people most seriously injured, 35% were motorists, 27% were pedestrians, 19% were motorbikers and 12% were cyclists.