Drivers warned of delays after tanker incident on A19

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DRIVERS have been warned to expect delays on the A19 on what is already one of the busiest times of year on the road.

Cleveland Police announced this afternoon they were aiming to re-open one lane only of the A19 Southbound at 1.30pm, with the other lane will remain closed for the rest of today.

The force said the lane is likely to remain closed until at least 10pm tonight, until officers are in position to close the road to recover a tanker involved in an incident.

A spokesman said recovering the tanker could potentially take a few hours and therefore we have decided to do it tonight when there won’t be as much traffic about.

The incident happened south of Ingleby Barwick, but restrictions are being put in place further up the A19 from the junction with the A174.

It is anticipated this will have a knock-on affect further north.

News of the delays comes as thousands of motorists hit the roads for the Easter weekend.