Drug addict burgled own parents

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A DRUG addict who burgled his own parents' home has been spared jail.

Desperate Anthony Chapman, 38, crept into his mum and dad's house in the early hours of the morning through the bathroom window which he left open on an earlier visit.

He stole a meter box attached to his parents' TV containing 95 which he planned to spend on drink and drugs.

But a judge did not send Chapman straight to prison after hearing how he was now trying to kick his heroin addiction.

Chapman's parents had gone to bed at around 11pm on November 12 but discovered a muddy footprint in the bathroom at around 3.45am.

It was later matched to a Nike trainer belonging to their son.

When quizzed by police he said he had been to the house, where he sometimes lived, earlier and opened the bathroom window so he could return later.

Teesside Crown Court heard Chapman had been taken back in by his parents who were supporting him to get off drugs.

Martin Scarborough, mitigating, said: "There's been a reconciliation. He is deeply grateful his family have found themselves able to forgive him."

He added Chapman had paid most of the money back and was determined to beat his addiction.

Chapman, of Turnbull Street, Hartlepool, admitted burglary and was given 12 months' prison suspended for two years and drug rehabilitation.

Sentencing, Judge John Walford said: "This was a planned and premeditated offence of burglary against your parents."

But he added: "I'm satisfied you are genuinely remorseful for having treated them in this way."