Drug addict couple hid heroin under carpet


A drug addicted couple hid heroin from police under their lounge carpet.

Police found three wraps of the drug when they searched the home of Claire Bartholomew and Colin Clark, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

“Two of the wraps were under a carpet,” said John Garside, prosecuting. “A third was found behind where Bartholomew was sitting.

“She told police she knew heroin possession was illegal, but they were not selling it to anyone.

“The wraps were bought for £20 the previous day and would last them a few days.

“It was something she described as routine for the couple.”

Bartholomew, 33, and Clark, 34, both of Charterhouse, Street, Hartlepool, each admitted possession of a class A drug on November 25.

John Relton, defending, said in mitigation: “There is no acquisitive crime which we so often see to pay for drugs use.

“The couple are both on methadone, they use a small amount of heroin to top-up that dose.

“That is still a crime, but at least they are keeping the heroin use ‘in house’, if I can I put it that way.

“They are not a threat or nuisance to anyone else.”

District Judge Andrew Meachin sentenced the couple to a community rehabilitation order of 12 months each, and ordered them to jointly pay £465 in costs and court surcharges.

The judge said: “I understand you are addicted, but you both must understand it is still illegal to possess heroin.”

The £465 will be deducted fortnightly from the couple’s joint benefits.