Drunken man tried to hide cannabis

A DRUNKEN man tried to hide a wrap of cannabis from police when they found him lying on a mattress on a living room floor.

Billy Lewis had been drinking and using cannabis when his sister became concerned about his “erratic” behaviour and phoned the police.

When officers went to the house in Grange Road, Hartlepool, they found 33-year-old Lewis outside and warned him about his conduct.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard how later that night he returned to his sister’s house. She called the police again saying Lewis appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

Officers went into the house and found the defendant lying on a mattress in the living room.

Prosecuting, Lilian Atkinson said: “Lewis reached into his pocket and tried to hide a foil wrap under the duvet. He was arrested and the wrap was found to contain some cannabis which he said he’d bought for £5.

“He said he was sorry it had happened and was sorry for wasting police time.”

Lewis, of Grange Road, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis on June 12.

Mitigating, Adrian Morris said his client’s misuse of cannabis stemmed from a back problem he suffers with.

“The pain relief he was being prescribed for his back problem had addictive effects so from time to time he substituted it for using cannabis because it would bring him relief.”

He added: “On this occasion we are talking about a piece of cannabis which was worth less than £5. But this has happened within a month or so of him receiving a community order for another matter.”

Chairman of the bench John Jenkins gave Lewis a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £85 costs.