Dull days with rain and wind forecast for Hartlepool and East Durham

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A SUNNY day in Hartlepool on Monday will be followed by three dull days of light rain with the wind picking up as the week goes on.

After a temperamental weekend of sun, rain, hail and wind, people can expect a lot calmer day on Monday with highs of 9C.

Residents should expect a frosty start though with temperatures set to plummet to as low as -2C on Sunday night and early Monday morning.

After a dry day on Monday, light run is forecast to fall throughout Tuesday with temperatures not getting any higher than 7C.

The sun is forecast to fight back through the cloud on Wednesday but rain is expected again by the afternoon with temperatures reaching highs of 7C. Strong winds will pick up throughout the day and will continue to blow throughout Thursday when temperatures are expected to remain around the same.