Dumped cat left in cage on Hartlepool doorstep

Libby Bloom pictured with one of the two cats which were dumped on her doorstep.
Libby Bloom pictured with one of the two cats which were dumped on her doorstep.

AN animal–lover with four pets of her own was shocked to find a cat dumped outside of her home.

Libby Bloom spotted two cages left outside of her property in Queensland Road, Hartlepool, when she went to bring in her wheelie bin.

On closer inspection the 75–year–old noticed that there was a black and white cat in one of the cages, while the other was empty.

Libby believes a second cat has managed to escape from the other cage as the door was left swinging open.

The pensioner, who is already owner of three cats called Princess, Peaches and Fingers, and a dog called Gypsy – said: “I was outside and I thought ‘what are those cages doing there?’

“I went over and there was a cat in one of them, crying, bless it, and a bag of food left nearby. I think the other cat has got away.”

She added: “I have no idea why the owner would have dumped them with me. Maybe it’s because they know I’ve got cats or because they see me stroking other cats that come along. I was feeding a white ferrel cat before Christmas as well. It’s not fair though that I should be landed with the problem.

“I just don’t know what to do. I mean I’ve got three cats of my own and they take enough looking after.

“There’s Princess, who’s 18–years–old, Fingers who’s 12, and Peaches who’s also 18. I’m back and forth to the vets with her because she’s had a stroke and now sits with her paw up.

“I like my animals, but I haven’t got the time or the money for more.”

Libby, a retired factory worker, believes the cats were dumped overnight as she last checked outside her home at 11pm on Monday. She found the cages on Tuesday morning around 8.30am.

Libby said: “It’s just totally irresponsible. Pets take a lot of looking after.

“I think because it’s no longer a kitten they want rid.”

Libby’s neighbours have kindly taken in the cat temporarily in the hope that the true owner will have a change of heart and come to collect the cat.

Or Libby hopes that a Mail reader might take pity on the animal and offer it a new home. She said it is very tame and looks one or two–years–old.

Anyone who would like to give the cat a home should telephone Libby on (01429) 282967.