Durham and Hartlepool coastlines given clean bill of health for swimmers

Councillor Robbie Payne at Seaton Carew.
Councillor Robbie Payne at Seaton Carew.

THE HARTLEPOOL coastline has been given a clean bill of health for swimmers.

Along the coast, taking in all areas of Seaton Carew, the beaches have achieved success in this year’s water quality results.

Seaside-lovers along the Durham coast can also enjoy a dip in the sea at Crimdon.

In fact, DEFRA has announced 31 of the North East’s 34 bathing water areas have met the highest European water quality standard, known as ‘Guideline’.

These results, along with those in 2011, are the best bathing water results the North East has achieved and reflect £1billion of investment by Northumbrian Water, over the last two decades, to improve bathing water quality and ensure coastline is one of the best in the country.

Hartlepool Borough Councillor, Robbie Payne, regeneration services committee, said: “As a council we continue to work extremely closely with the relevant organisations to ensure that we have the highest possible standards of bathing water at our beaches.

“It’s very reassuring that the beaches at Seaton Carew meet the highest European water quality standard and this can only encourage more visitors to the resort.

“This comes on the back of the recent £4.3million final phase of sea defence works and other ongoing work to regenerate key areas of Seaton Carew.

“Seaton is a key site identified in the Hartlepool Vision for improvements over the next few years and good water quality and clean beaches are an integral part of what we are striving to achieve which will benefit residents, businesses and visitors.”