Durham County Council reject plea for pedestrian crossing on ‘danger road’

Shadow Duffield in Manor Way Peterlee.
Shadow Duffield in Manor Way Peterlee.

A CAMPAIGNER has expressed his disappointment after council chiefs rejected his plea for a pedestrian crossing on what he dubbed a “danger road”.

Shadow Duffield asked people to sign a petition to lobby Durham County Council to install a crossing in Manor Way, in Peterlee, between St Cuthbert’s Church vicarage and the William Brown Centre.

The dad-of-four, of the Edenhill area, mounted the campaign after witnessing people struggling to get safely across the busy road.

But he recently received a letter from the council to say that, having looked at criteria, the location didn’t meet the specific requirements to warrant a crossing.

These include local experience that low pedestrian flows at formalised crossings resulted in more accidents when drivers fail to stop, weighting factors including the number of elderly in the area, HGVs, vehicle speeds and the number of pedestrian accidents in the past five years and physical factors like reduced vision.

The council promised to review the situation.

But Shadow said: “After hard work this is not the result I hoped for for our community.

“However hope is not all lost.”

He says the crossing near Peterlee bus station contradicts criteria and is urging people to write to the council to continue the campaign.