DVD to spread party’s message

MEMBERS of a political party have sent DVDs to every councillor in Hartlepool in a bid to highlight the influence the European Union has on local decision making.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which seeks the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, wants to make people fully aware of the impact European legislation has on decisions at a local government level.

The DVD, EU – The Hidden Local Issue, is also being sent to every councillor in the North-East as part of the campaign.

It highlights several areas where EU directives have directly impacted on decision making at a local government level including procurement rules, bus routes, health and safety rules and landfill taxes.

Nationally there are two million DVDs being distributed but the targeted campaign to deliver one to every councillor is confined to the North-East.

UKIP North-East have 10,000 to distribute and they will be posted through residents’ letterboxes in some areas of Hartlepool.

Dave Pascoe, North-East press officer for UKIP and council candidate for the Fens and Rossmere ward in last month’s local election, said: “By making every councillor aware of the direct link between issues that are perceived by the public as ‘domestic’ and ‘local’ to the fact that they are EU-led, directly as a result of EU legislation, we hope to ensure that councillors acknowledge this overt link when these matters are debated in council chambers across the region.”

He added: “It is UKIP’s view that the public must be made aware of the exact nature of problems which confront them, and their elected representatives, and to ensure that this link is imparted in debate.”

The DVD has been issued by the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD) in the European Parliament, of which UKIP MEPs are members.

Nigel Farage, co-president of EFD and leader of UKIP, said: “The film covers the extent to which EU laws influence the work of local government in the UK.”

Speaking on the DVD he said: “Don’t let anybody ever tell you that Europe is an obscure issue. It affects every aspect of our lives, whether it is national or locally.”

The cost of the producing the DVD was covered by most of the UKIP MEPs who sit within the EDF group.

For more information about the campaign, people can call Dave Pascoe on (01429) 223754 or email d.j.pascoe@virginmedia.com