Dying mum’s last wish granted as she renews her wedding vows

The late Tracy McPartlin with her husband, Allan McPartlin.
The late Tracy McPartlin with her husband, Allan McPartlin.

A DYING mum was granted her final wish by renewing her wedding vows just hours before she lost her brave cancer fight.

After a devastating 13-week fight with cancer, Tracy McPartlin summoned the strength to lift herself from her hospital bed to renew vows with her devoted lifelong partner, Allan.

The 45-year-old looked “beautiful” as she took centre stage in her wedding dress at the chapel at the University Hospital of Hartlepool, watched on by more than 40 friends and relatives.

But just hours later, on Valentine’s Day, Tracy peacefully slipped away at home with her close family by her side.

In a tragic twist, the day the couple had initially planned to renew their vows on was instead the day of Tracy’s funeral.

Holding back tears, Allan, 48, said Tracy’s final days were exactly as she planned.

“It was so hard,” said Allan, who lives in Moffatt Road, in Hartlepool.

“But that’s what she wanted, she was living to renew our vows.

“And she wanted to spend her final moments at home so after the service the hospital got us some emergency oxygen and we all went back home together.”

Soulmates Tracy and Allan, who have five children and seven grandchildren, first met at school and have been together more than 30 years.

Next year they were due to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and the loving couple were planning a “honeymoon” abroad.

But those plans were suddenly taken away from them when Tracy was given the devastating diagnosis of cancer in her spine in December last year.

The cancer quickly spread, and Tracy was told she had just months to live.

But despite discovering her life was to be cruelly cut short, Tracy showed incredible bravery to help her family through the ordeal.

“She sat us down and told us that she knew she didn’t have long left and she wanted to sort everything out before,” revealed Allan, a self-employed mechanic who put work on hold to spent Tracy’s final weeks by her side.

“She was so brave and strong, she told us that she wants all of her family to get on with their lives.”

Tracy and Allan had booked February 22 as the day to renew their vows.

But as her condition deteriorated, she was granted her final wish a week earlier at hospital just hours before she lost her tragic battle with the disease.

Tracy was a resident rep in the town and worked with various charity organisations and groups in Hartlepool.

The impact she had had on so many people was clear as hundreds attended her funeral at Stranton Cemetery.

And everyone of those people who attended helped Allan to raise a staggering £2,004 in Tracy’s memory, all donated to Macmillan Nurses.

“Tracy was brilliant, she was just so kind and lovely,” added Allan, who praised their five children, Leanne, 26, Carl, 25, Alan, 23, 22-year-old Nicola and Jamie, 19, for their bravery through the ordeal.

“There wasn’t a bad bone in her body, she would do anything for anyone. She was an unbelievable woman.

“The turn out at the funeral showed that.

“It’s so cruel what has happened but she got her wish, to renew her vows and to be with all of her family.”