East Durham Homes wins gold star for customer service

East Durham homes staff celebrate.
East Durham homes staff celebrate.

East Durham Homes has been praised for its customer service.

The organisation is celebrating passing the annual assessment for the Customer Service Excellence Standard (CSE).

The report said there has been a real sense of continuous improvement across the organisation and that East Durham Homes has now achieved ‘compliance plus’ in seven elements.

The standard recognises excellence in customer service from organisations in the public sector.

The assessor found that East Durham Homes continued to meet all 57 elements of the standard, still had ‘Compliance Plus’ in five areas and identified a further two areas where the group had achieved the plus standard.

The new areas recognised were the engagement work carried out during the stock transfer process and for the approach to involving and empowering staff and customers in taking forward the customer service training, ‘Obsessed’.

The assessor highlighted that in order to achieve each ‘Compliance Plus’ element, East Durham Homes had to demonstrate that they are being innovative, doing things that others in the sector aren’t doing and are using this innovative approach to deliver services that go above and beyond what would normally be expected.

Michael Doyle, East Durham Homes Managing Director, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for East Durham Homes. It demonstrates our determination to continue to improve services to customers by listening to them and acting on what they tell us. I would like to thank staff, our partners and our customers for their hard work and support in continuing to meet the CSE standard.”