Ed Miliband expected to resign as Labour leader after election failure

ED MILIBAND ... he is expected to resign as Labour leader after sweeping losses.
ED MILIBAND ... he is expected to resign as Labour leader after sweeping losses.

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband is expected to resign following sweeping losses in Scotland and with David Cameron close to an overall majority, according to reports.

Mr Miliband has arrived at Labour’s London headquarters after travelling down from his Doncaster constituency. He was applauded into party HQ by staff and campaigners.

Labour is currently down 26 seats on its 2010 tally, having won just under 31% of the vote.

Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk said he “understands” Mr Miliband will be standing down, but denied the party was in crisis.

He said: “I’m not suggesting everything is tickety-boo - quite the contrary, it’s not been a good night for the Labour Party, there is no doubt about that.

“I don’t believe it is a good night for the vast majority of people in the United Kingdom because I think they would have been better served by a Labour government.

“It’s interesting times in which we find ourselves, politically, and what Labour now has to do is examine what went wrong with the election campaign, how we can get it right, how we can appeal to the electorate, whatever policies we need to talk more about.

“I understand Ed Miliband is going to announce he is standing down so yes, we will move towards a leadership election. I think that should be welcomed and it will be interesting to see who puts themselves forward.”

Former Labour adviser Damian McBride told Sky News: “You can’t have a scale of defeat like this and not go. What is the argument you could carry on and do better next time around?

“There is such a mountain to climb now and if anything the hole is much deeper.”