40 long days for St Cuthbert’s RC pupils

Carlton Dowson
Carlton Dowson

PUPILS at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, in Stratford Road, Hartlepool, were divided on whether to give anything up for lent this year.

Kacper Drozdowski, 11, joked: “This year I am trying to give up going to the fridge every 10 minutes, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it.

“Last year I gave up chocolate, but my mum didn’t realise and brought me some chocolate cake so I only lasted one day.

“I think lent is good, it’s a chance to remember Jesus in the build up to Easter.”

Carlton Dowson, 10, said: “I am trying to give up chocolate this year.

“I have done it before, but last time I got a McFlurry from McDonald’s and didn’t realise until afterwards that I had eaten chocolate.

“It is tough to give something up for 40 days, but I will try my best.”

Nicole Smart, 10, said: “I haven’t given anything up for lent this year.

“If I had to give something up it would have been crisps and I did think about it, but it’s too hard. Forty days is a long time.”

Robyn Thompson, 11, said: “I am trying my best to give up deserts for lent.

“My mum always says that I don’t finish my dinner because I’m always begging for a desert.

“My favourite desert is my mum’s lemon meringue pie and it’s going to be tough to not have that.”

Sarah McCarthy, 10, said: “I’ve never really bothered trying to give anything up for lent before, but I am trying to stop having sweets this year.

“I don’t know whether I will last the full 40 days, but I can try my best.” Grace Handley, 11, is trying to give up fizzy drinks for lent this year.

She said: “Pepsi is my favourite. I only have two cans every week, but I am still going to try to give it up. Last year I tried to give up crisps, but I only lasted two days.

“I think lent is really good because it celebrates Jesus and his life.”