A busy final year for Clavering students

Jacob Edwards and (below) Leah Twigger
Jacob Edwards and (below) Leah Twigger

The Year 6 pupils at Clavering Primary School shared the excitement and nerves they feel as they look forward to their final year in primary school.

Ben Smith, 10, said: “It was good to be back at school after the summer holidays.

Leah Twiger.  Picture by FRANK REID

Leah Twiger. Picture by FRANK REID

“There’s a lot going on for us this year. We are going to Carlton camp in March which will be brilliant.

“I’m quite scared about the SATs though, I will just do the best I can.”

Jessica Hilton, 10, said: “I’m nervous about the SATs this year but really looking forward to Carlton.

“I’ll be playing for the school netball team as well this year which will be good. I play for Oaksway but hopefully we will have lots of school competitions.”

Jacob Edwards, 10, said: “It’s quite scary to think this time next year we will be in secondary school.

“The highlight of this year for me will be hopefully playing in the school football team.

“We haven’t had the trials yet but I’m hoping I get in the team.”

Tom Clasper, 10, said: “I’m quite enjoying Year 6 so far.

“It is a change having to work so hard but next year at secondary school won’t be as difficult because we will be the little ones again.

“This year will be tough but I am quite comfortable with the SATs.

“We have done lots of practice exams and they have gone ok.”

Leah Twigger, 10, said: “Playing for the netball team will be the best part of this year.

“I have played in the past but you get to play in more competitions in Year 6.

“I enjoyed the summer holidays but it was good to come back to school.”

Daniel Shaw, 10, said: “So far this year it’s been a bit tougher than last year but not too bad.

“I can’t wait to go to Carlton this year. We went to Robin Wood last year but I think Carlton will be even better than that.”