A great start to final school year

THE Year 6 pupils at Blackhall Primary School have enjoyed a variety of projects and activities in recent months.

But what have they enjoyed most?

India Stainson, 10, has enjoyed a recent classroom project.

She said: “In literacy we did a role play and I really like that sort of thing.

“We have a new teacher as well, Mrs Leonard, who is brilliant.

“At the moment we are studying arguments and different types of debate.

“That has been really interesting.”

Cameron Wren, 10, said: “Recently I went to my first indoor athletics event.

“I did the long jump, a javelin throw and an obstacle course, I think the obstacle course was the best.

“I have never done indoor athletics before but I would like to do it again.

“Hopefully I will get better and better with practice.”

Harry Linford, 10, has been showing off his creative side.

He said: “We have been studying Theseus and the Minotaur and we got to make our own masks.

“It’s part of a project where we have been learning about Ancient Greece.

“I also took part in a swimming competition where I learnt I could swim breaststroke for the first time. I would like to take part in more swimming competitions in the future.”

Caitlin Robinson, 11, said: “Just before Christmas we took part in our own carol service in St Andrew’s Church.

“All of our parents and relatives and the full school were there watching.

“All of us were singing and I had to do a reading as well.

“I was really nervous beforehand, but it was fine when I did it.”

Daniel Hodge, 11, is a keen sports player.

“We have been playing rugby as an after-school activity and we have been in a competition as well.

“We did quite well in the competition, we have quite a good team.

“Rugby is one of my favourite sports but football is definitely the best.”

Kristen Burrell, 11, said: “We have been playing netball in PE and it has been brilliant.

“We took part in a competition as well so we could try out everything we had been doing in practice.

“I really like netball but it isn’t my favourite sport.

“I like gymnastics the best and we are doing that in PE later this year. I’m looking forward to that.”