A helping hand to the top

Dene Community School pupils James Hyde and Reece Franks (right)
Dene Community School pupils James Hyde and Reece Franks (right)

TALENTED students are being given invaluable lessons in fulfilling their potential to get into top universities.

A group of elite students from Dene Community School, in Peterlee, have won places on Durham University’s Supported Progression programme.

The prestigious placements on the course mean the brainy Year 10 pupils will get hands-on experience of what to expect if they opt to study at a top university.

The chosen students are in the school’s Most Able and Talented group, a core of students identified as the top 10 to 15 per cent in the school who are achieving or have the potential to achieve ahead of their year group.

The Durham University-led course is run for the most able and talented students in the Durham and Tees Valley area who have the potential to study at a university like Durham and who will benefit from additional support to reach their full potential.

The students were hand-picked after completing applications, CVs and interviews.

Kane Iceton, one of the chosen students, is looking forward to being part of the programme.

He said: “I think this experience will give us all a head-start and a good idea about what to expect if we go to university.”

The students will work closely with learning mentors from the university, have sessions in school and will attend summer school in the holidays.

A school spokeswoman said: “The scheme is aimed at the Most Able and Talented students in the Durham and Tees Valley areas.

“I feel that our students will benefit from the additional experience and support offered, the school-based university mentors and the opportunity to attend both residential events and a summer school.”