Barclays is the business for Brougham

Brougham primary school pupil Jack Reed celebrates with York Road Barclays Bank staff members(left to right) Deb Love, Leanne Moor and Pam Walker.
Brougham primary school pupil Jack Reed celebrates with York Road Barclays Bank staff members(left to right) Deb Love, Leanne Moor and Pam Walker.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at Brougham Primary School.

The 262-pupil school is today celebrating after scooping £3,000 in the Mail-backed Barclays Money Skills programme – after narrowly being pipped to the post in last year’s event.

After collecting by far the highest amount of vouchers the school council drew up a detailed business plan which earned the praise of Barclays

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for its innovative approach to money management.

Brougham Primary School, in Brougham Terrace, Hartlepool, collected a staggering £130,240 worth of vouchers which gave a pupil ratio of £497.09p.

Golden Flatts Primary School, in Seaton Lane, Hartlepool, which has 116 pupils collected £89,640 worth of vouchers to give a pupil ratio of £772.75.

Last year Golden Flatts took the honours and scooped £3,500.

Scores of other schools across Hartlepool and east Durham collectively collected hundreds of thousands of pounds in vouchers and other pupil ratios ranged from £453.26p right down to £41.81p.

After sifting through business plans for the top schools the judges decided it had to be between Brougham’s hopes of creating a printing business and Golden Flatts’ hopes of developing a healthy tuck shop to encourage healthy eating.

After discussing the schemes the panel opted for Brougham’s business plan - because of the possbility of continued expansion year-on-year which would make it a long-term initiative.

The school impressed judges with its plans to invest the money in a dye printing kit which will allow pupils to print a range of products and sell them for a profit at school events and which could expand year-on-year.

The detailed three-page business plan explained: “If we are successful in winning the competition we would like to spend the money on a project that can become profitable in order to earn money so that we, the school council, can buy things that we think are important. Our idea is to buy a dye sublimation kit so that we can print a range of products and sell them at our school events.”

The school then set out costings and a breakdown of expected profit on a selection of items including teddy bears, T-shirts, mugs, door signs, laptop bags and pencil cases.

The school council also plans to include photographs and logos on the items and as the business develops make specific items to order to reduce any wastage.

Deputy head Sue Clarke said: “Everyone was determined to give it a really good go after coming second last year.

“We are delighted to have won and all credit to the school council for the effort it put into drawing up the business plan.

“It was a fantastic project for the children to work on and they really took it on board. That was echoed by parents, family and friends who really supported the school and collected a staggering amount of vouchers.

“Not only has the school benefitted financially but the pupils have learned a lot about money management.

“It is a brilliant day for the pupils, staff, parents and everyone involved in the school.

“All thanks must go to the Hartlepool Mail and Barclays for running the initiative which has proved very educational - and in our case very rewarding.”

Stella McRae, community investment manager for Barclays, said: “Barclays Money Skills is all about improving the financial capability of young people across the UK.

“In addition to providing funding to charities working with young people to help them increase their money skills, we aim to make a real impact by encouraging our staff to volunteer using their professional skills through this programme.

“I am delighted that Brougham School has won this money and look forward to hearing how the children benefit form it.”