Barnard Grove pupils on new year resolutions

Left to right: (Top) Joe Worthy, Lewis Holliday, Josh Wilson (bottom) Jack Brown, Leah Wilson and Caitlin Bradley
Left to right: (Top) Joe Worthy, Lewis Holliday, Josh Wilson (bottom) Jack Brown, Leah Wilson and Caitlin Bradley

THE pupils at Barnard Grove Primary School have mixed views on new year resolutions.

Some made a promise as the clock struck midnight to start New Year’s Day, whereas others didn’t bother.

Jack Brown, 10, said: “I have never made a new year resolution before and I haven’t made one this year.

“I think they are a waste of time, people just break them straight away.

“I suppose if people make them and keep to them every year they can be useful.”

Leah Wilson, 10, said: “It’s easy to make a resolution, but you have to stick to it.

“I’ve never really bothered in the past.

“Last year I kind of made one to try to persuade my dad to get me a dog.

“It worked and he got me one, but I don’t know whether that’s a new year resolution.”

Leah’s twin brother, Josh, said: “I think new year resolutions are useful, but I haven’t made one this year.

“I couldn’t think of anything so there is no point in forcing one.

“I can see why people think they are good though.”

Lewis Holliday, 10, has not made a resolution before and did not change this year.

He said: “I have never made one because I just wouldn’t stick to it.

“I think if I had to make one this year it would be to work very hard in school and get a good score in my SATs.

“But I am going to try to do that anyway without making a new year resolution.”

Joe Worthy, 10, worked hard at his new year resolution last time around.

“I told myself I wanted to get a lot better at football last year and I think I have. I practised really hard.

“This year I am just going to carry on working hard at my football and other things like drama.”

Caitlin Bradley, 11, is focusing on the end of Year 6 SATs exams.

She said: “This year my resolution is to work very hard for my SATs and hopefully get a really good score.

“I have made new year resolutions in the past and I think they are good.

“Two years ago I said I was going to get better at dancing and I have worked really hard at that.”