‘Blackout ball’ held after lessons on Second World War

PUPILS stepped back to the time of the Blitz as they took part in a dance with a difference.

Youngsters from Jesmond Gardens Primary School, in Hartlepool, held their very own “blackout ball” after learning about the Second World War.

The Second World War-style blackout ball at Jesmond Gardens Primary School

The Second World War-style blackout ball at Jesmond Gardens Primary School

The school hall was decorated with Union flags, bunting and war propaganda posters and the lights were turned out while youngsters – who were taught steps by town dance teacher Carol Hammond – took to the dancefloor.

Headteacher Jane Loomes even provided music by playing saxophone and keyboards with her band, Fryup IV+1, and the children were presented with trophies.

Year 3 and 4 teacher Rebecca Nicholson said: “Every time we do a topic, we have a celebration event at the end.

“This was the final event and all parents were invited.

“We had Carol Hammond come in and she tought the children the foxtrot, the jive, waltz and the Lambeth Walk.
“Judges were there and awarded prizes.

“The children came in period dress and we had nibbles and drinks.
“The parents dressed up and it was all in the dark.

“It was good for them to have first-hand experience of knowing what times were like during the war.”

Mrs Nicholson said parents’ comments on the event included “excellent topic, the kids really looked like they were having fun learning to dance”.

Another parent commented that they wished their child’s great-gran was here to have seen the event.

Pupil Ellie Tabley said: “I thought it was very interesting learning all about the the bombing of cities and Hitler.
“I thought the Blitz was very inspiring.”