Celebrating pupils’ achievements

GUEST OF HONOUR: John Hewitson (centre) with (from left) head girl Molly Shadforth, head boy James Brennan, deputy head boy Liam Checksfield and deputy head girl Bethany Leck
GUEST OF HONOUR: John Hewitson (centre) with (from left) head girl Molly Shadforth, head boy James Brennan, deputy head boy Liam Checksfield and deputy head girl Bethany Leck

PUPILS past and present came together for a night of celebration to mark their achievements as students of St Hild’s Church of England School in Hartlepool.

The ceremony which featured over 120 awards, fittingly took place in the impressive surroundings of St Hilda’s Church on the Headland.

Headteacher Penny Barker said: “This year celebrates the 1,400th anniversary of the birth of Hilda – the Abbess of Hartlepool – and it was particularly appropriate that we should celebrate the achievements of St Hild’s School on St Hilda’s own saint’s day at St Hilda’s Church.”

Among the recipients of awards were a number of former Year 11 pupils who left the school in the summer after completing their GCSE studies.

A number of students received multiple awards, including:
•Former Head Girl Katie Lister who received seven awards ranging from academic excellence to having a positive influence over her peers;

•Kate Elvin who received five awards, including a 4 Star Learner Award;

•James Brennan who received three awards including the Gifted Student Award for highest academic achievement;

•Emily-Rose Hawkridge who received three awards, including a student librarian award;

•Tay Temple who received three awards, one of which acknowledged her excellent contribution to school life;

•Bethany Leck, the winner of three awards, including the St Hilda’s Award;

•Saskia Conkie who also won three awards, including a geography award for the highest academic achievement in Key Stage 4.

Mrs Barker added: “The annual Celebration of Achievement is a very important event in the school’s year and one which enables us to showcase the academic talent and personal qualities of our pupils – both past and present.

“We have a strong commitment to raising standards across-the-board and we think it is important to acknowledge the efforts of pupils who make a contribution to that.

“Whilst academic achievement is rightly a top priority, we also encourage our students to play a confident and enthusiastic role in wider school and community life – and some of the awards reflect that.

“As a school, we are very proud of all of our pupils and we would like to congratulate the winners on their deserved awards.

“It was particularly nice to welcome back a large number of our former Year 11s and our best wishes for the future go with them as they set out on the next phase of their lives.”

Guests were welcomed by Head Boy James Brennan. The event included a school prayer read by Head Girl Molly Shadforth, a performance by Logos – a choir at St Hilda’s Church, and readings, including one by student Bethany Leck.

Rev Chris Collinson, Priest-in-Charge of St Hilda’s Church, addressed the event and the other guest of honour was John Hewitson, the well-respected youth development manager at Hartlepool United FC, who presented many of the awards.

The Awards List

Curriculum Awards

Design and Technology Award – Nicole Hockborn; Design and Technology Award for Graphic Products – Olivia Todd; Design and Technology Award for Food Technology – Bethany Ingram; Design and Technology Award for Textiles Technology – Saskia Conkie; Design and Technology Award for Electronic Products – Jarrad Burgon; Herbert Dowson Mathematics Award – Thomas Clasper; Mathematics Award – Katie Lister; Noel Freer Award – Kieran Baker-Webb; Business Studies Award – Katie Greenwood; English Award – Saskia Conkie; Modern Foreign Languages Award at KS3 – Kate Elvin; Modern Foreign Languages Award at KS4 – Rebecca Hunter; PE Award – Liam Pritchard; ICT Award – Charlie Dunn; Art and Design Award at KS3 – Aimee McAllister; Art and Design Award at KS4 – Jak Kemp; Geography Award – Saskia Conkie; Science Award – Katie Lister; Talented Student Award at KS3 – Britany Leighton; Talented Student Award at KS4 – Jordan Fielding; St Hild’s Trophy – Katie Greenwood; Enterprise Award – Cameron Stokell; Ready 4 Work Award – Oliver Kerr; King Oswy Cup – Kate Elvin; St Cecilia Vocal Trophy at KS3 – Millie Jenkins; St Cecilia Vocal Trophy at KS4 – Anna Breward; Drama Award at KS3 – Eve Robertson; Drama Award at KS4 – Bethany Robinson; The Bridge Award – Emily Whitehead; History Award KS3 – Kate Elvin and Tay Temple; History Award – Katie Lister; Achievement Support Award – Callum Swanson; Music Award at KS3 – Kaitlyn Bowron; Music Award at KS4 – Chantelle Twidale; Leadership in Sport Award – Liam Wright; Phoenix Centre Award – Hannah Horsley; Melvil Dewey Student Librarian Award – Emily-Rose Hawkridge; Gifted Student Award at KS3 – Ben Harrison; Gifted Student Award at KS4 – James Brennan; Barnard Grove Primary School Transfer Award – Scott Hornsey (Gold), Luke Parvin (Silver), Carlita Leighton (Bronze); Clavering Primary School Transfer Award – Leah Davies (Gold), Laura McIlveen (Silver), Owen McKenna (Bronze); St Helen’s Primary School Transfer Award – Libby Compton (Gold), Sophie Barnfather (Silver), Charlie Thompson (Bronze); West View Primary School Transfer Award – Jack Pearson (Gold), Emily Ross (Silver), Jacob Cairns (Bronze); Hartlepool Primary Schools Transfer Award – Georgia McKenner (Gold), Charlie Bage (Silver), Ellie Jones (Bronze); Transition Award – Imogen Morley.

Pastoral Awards 
(presented for citizenship)

St Aidan Award – Georgia Nodding; St Cuthbert Award – Abby Wallace; St Bede Award – Tay Temple; St Columba Award – Robyn McLeod; St Oswald Award – Anna Thompson.

Special Awards

Elliot Conway Cup at KS3 – Ben Harrison; Elliot Conway Cup at KS4 – Sophie Flush; The Memorial Garden Award KS3 – Jayde Dickinson; The Memorial Garden Award KS4 – Emilie Bell; Expamet Award – Lily Hewitson; Colin Gray Memorial Award – Matthew Eve and Tyler Bates; Natalie Maunder Memorial Award – Anna Breward; The Holy Trinity and St Mark Award – Emily-Rose Hawkridge; The Henry Smith Trophy – Matthew Craske; SBV Fabrication Award – Tay Temple; Mike Gough Sports Award – Shaunagh Foreman; North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust Award – Sophie Gallagher; The Santos Family Cup – Sam Davies; Dirickx Award – Bethany Robinson; School Achievement Award – Lauren Byers; North Hartlepool Partnership Sporting Achievement Award – Ryan Foreman; Scott Stevenson Memorial Award – Jordan Fielding; Gus Robinson Award – Katie Lister; Plettac NSG Award – Danielle Walker; St Hild’s Award Sponsored by HQ Engineering – Catherine Grimely; Hays Travel Trophy – Molly Johnston; SPIE-WHS Award – Emily Johnston; The No Way Trust Ltd – Young Citizen of the Year Award – Lauren Byers; Royal Navy and Royal Marines Award – Rob Hilton; North Hartlepool Partnership Community award – Chantelle Twidale; Philip North Award – Shaun Moat; Governors’ Rose Bowl – Katie Lister; Headteacher’s Award – Olivia Todd; Hartlepool Sixth Form College Award – James Brennan; The Tioxide Endeavour Award – Morgan Metcalf; Kevin Lloyd Award – Peter Gannon; Corus Award – Oliver Kerr; Head Boy Cup – Rob Hilton; Head Girl Cup – Katie Lister; The 4-Star Learner Award Year 7 – Grace Purnell; The 4-Star Learner Award Year 8 – Laura Carter; The 4-Star Learner Award Year 9 – Kate Elvin; The 4-Star Learner Award Year 10 – Emily-

Rose Hawkridge; The Chris Simmons Award (Girl) – Bethany Leck; The Chris Simmons Award (Boy) – Liam Checksfield; Henry Smith School Class of 81/82 Award Year 7 – Branon Andrews; Henry Smith School Class of 81/82 Award Year 8 – Joshua Wilson; Henry Smith School Class of 81/82 Award Year 9 – Keiron Ringwood; Henry Smith School Class of 81/82 Award Year 10 – Ezra Sarmiento; Henry Smith School Class of 81/82 Award Year 11 – Joseph Elwin; The Tony Metcalfe Award – Liam Measor; Roberts Award – Kate Elvin; Les Best Award – Leoni Stabler; The Adrienne Simcock Award – Katie Lister; The Andrew Taylor Award – Danielle Williams; The Pansies Award – Danielle Anderson; The Bishop of Jarrow Award – Natalie Gibson, Hannah Hunter, Sophie King, Bethany Leck, Kym Simmonds, James Brennan, Peter Gannon, Tom Moody, Oliver Robson, Jonathan Thompson, Lewis Ingham, Sam Mayes, Joseph Leck, Laura Founde, Liam Fletcher; The SEAL Award – Aimee McAllister; Football Player of the Year – Liam Measor; The Paul Walker Award – Ellie-Anne Holdcroft; Stuart Drummond Award for Outstanding Achievement – Georgina Biddle; The Capita Award – Shannon Griffiths; Colin Reid Award – Sam Stephens; Ad Astra Academy Award – Luke Day, St Hilda Award – Bethany Leck.