Children keep busy out of class

Ben Jones
Ben Jones

PUPILS at Throston Primary School, in Hartlepool, take part in a range of extra curricular activities in their own time.

Sam Mason, 10, said: “I have been going to a jewellery class once a week on a lunchtime.

“It has been great fun.

“It’s the first time I have done something like this, but I would like to do it again.

“We have made lots of different types of jewellery.”

Megan Nodding, 10, has been perfecting her knitting skills at a weekly lunchtime class.

She said: “I thought knitting was a useful skill to learn.

“I am making a scarf for my brother who is three and I am going to give him it as a surprise.

“I have really enjoyed the course so far.

“It is a skill I can use for years.”

Luke Dodd, 11, has been cooking up a treat during a family after-school class.

He said: “I do some cooking at home so I decided to do the course at school.

“So far we have made pancakes, curry and rice.

“My family have been coming on the course with me.

“I am looking forward to doing some more cooking in food technology in secondary school.”

Emily Copeman, 10, has been using her imagination to come up with some mythical characters in her creative writing class.

Emily said: “In creative writing we had to come up with a story about goblins.

“Everyone wrote their own stories then we put them all together in one big book.

“I really like English and writing so I was really excited when I found out about the creative writing course after school.”

Ben Jones, 10, said: “I have been taking part in a music class.

“I play the cornet and the saxophone.

“The class has been really good so far.

“I would like to learn to play the electric guitar in the future, that would be really cool.”

Madelyn Stoddart, 10, has been part of the drama group at the school for more than two years.

Madelyn said: “We have done quite a few productions to the school and parents in the last couple of years.

“I played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz which was very good.

“At the minute we are getting ready for our next play.

“We are doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“We haven’t done the auditions for it yet, but I would love to play the part of Veruca Salt, she is the spoiled girl in the story.”