Children prepare for Halloween

New Starters at St Helen's School on the Headland.
New Starters at St Helen's School on the Headland.

Sam James is really looking forward to going trick or treating.

“I like getting dressed up and going around people’s houses.

“I don’t know what my costume is yet, but my mam is taking care of that.

“The best scare I’ve done is hiding in my sister’s room and jumping out when she got into bed. She really screamed.”

Neave Wallace goes trick or treating getting sweets with her cousin.

“We both take a big bucket each and then put the sweets together and just eat them on the night.

“We sometimes get a bit of tummy ache because we’ve eaten so much.”

Kye McAllister goes trick or treating with his family and friends.

“I go with my friends and mum and step-dad.

“My mum is making a suit for me of a headless man and I’ll be carrying my head under my arm.

“And she said she was going to dress up the dog as a little devil.”

Jaret Grover is heading off to Scotland and is looking forward to “stuffing his face”.

“I always go to Scotland for Halloween and go trick or treating with my cousin.

“I like getting all the sweets and then stuffing my face afterwards.”

Anna Gray is going trick or treating with her friends.

“I’m going as a mad scientist and I’m hoping to get loads of sweets.”

Rachel Mayes said she’d rather eat the sweets than give them away.

“I don’t make a big thing of Halloween, I just like eating the sweets with my friends.”