Children raise for Red Nose Day

YEAR 6 pupils from Grange Primary School had their own spots and stripes-themed non-uniform day to raise money for Comic Relief.

Emily Adams, 11, says she always sits and watches the Comic Relief programme on the television.

Emily said: “I think it’s brilliant when people raise money for charity doing extreme things like getting their heads shaved.

“I think it would be brilliant if we could make a CD at school and donate all of the money to Comic Relief.

“Obviously, it’s too late for this year, but it could be good for the school to do in the future.”

William Wright, 11, said: “In school we do our own fundraising for Comic Relief.

“We have a non-uniform day and we have to donate some money.

“But the clothes we have to wear must be spots or stripes,

“This year I wore a football shirt with stripes on and some spotted socks.

“I think it’s good that we raise money for the cause.”

Shawna Hegarty, 10, said: “I love watching it when they do the Let’s Dance for Comic Relief.

“I always watch the Comic Relief programme with my mum.

“I think it’s important to realise why the money is being raised.

“Sometimes we take everything that we have for granted.

“Some children aren’t as lucky as us.”

Ethan Ludford, 10, said: “I really enjoy it when the stars do funny things on television to help raise money for Comic Relief.

“When you watch the programme it makes you realise that some children don’t have as much as us. We are very lucky.

“I always donate money in school when we have Comic Relief non-uniform days.”

Luke Harvey, 11 said: “I like Comic Relief.

“I would like to do something a bit different to raise money.

“I could get Comic Relief shaved into my hair.

“When I watch the programme it makes me realise that we are very lucky and we have everything we want.

“I feel very sorry for the children it shows on the Comic Relief programme.”

Isaac Gorman, 11, said: “I think it’s brilliant the way people have so many different ideas to raise money.

“I was watching the cricket on the television last week and I saw someone who had dyed their hair pink for Comic Relief.

“People find things like that funny so they will donate money to the cause.”